Design Yours Now!

Choose from several classic shift knobs that any enthusiast is sure to recognize and appreciate. Round ball shift knobs including Cue Balls, Old Skool Series Metal Flake Knobs and Flame Series Knobs are 2.25 inches in diameter. Retro Series Mushroom Knobs are 2.4 inches in diameter. All knobs include a pre-installed 16mm threaded steel insert for rock-solid mounting. Depending on your make and model, this knob may require an adapter. We stock a complete line of shift knob adapters and are sure to have the correct one for your vehicle. Check out our adapters here or view our online chart here to identify what size is best for your vehicle.

PLEASE NOTE: Font sizes & graphics are for visual reference only. Artwork will be sized to fit your shift knob and is usually around 0.95 inches in diameter. Shift knob and artwork sizes vary. Retro style shift knobs will have a larger image do to a larger flat surface area. Round shift knobs have a smaller surface area for printing and will be sized down to fit. Custom text must be under 12 characters per line. We recommend no more then 8 characters per line for legibility. You may have no more than 2 lines of text. Emojis & special symbols typed through the custom text builder will not come through properly & are not accepted. Colors on screen may differ slightly from actual color. Personalized shift knobs are custom-made and cannot be returned. Production time is approximately 3 working days depending on quantity and availability of stock. Working days do not include weekends or holidays. Production time does not include shipping time.